Inspiration in the Garden


As a birthday surprise a couple of days ago, my son and husband planned a trip to one of my favorite gardens. The sun was shining, the breeze was cool, the flowers were smiling, and the whole garden was awash with color and life. The perfect day for a long stroll through the gardens, thanking God for His beautiful creation and my time with family.

As we wandered through the iris and daylily gardens, I noticed marker after marker of unique names that had been given to the different versions of these flowers. I wrote some of them down (ok, a lot of them …) while my husband and son took a breather in the shade.


Some of the names were silly, some were creative, and some were just plain inspiring. I’ll be honest, I started seeing some of these as titles to possible stories! I even started getting ideas for the stories themselves … I just couldn’t help myself!


Here are some of my favorites. Aren’t they inspiring? Do any stories come to mind for you when you read them?


Fox GrapeJ19

Peach Fairy

Little Gypsy Girl

Dragon’s Orb

Patchwork Puzzle

Dark Avenger

Glowing Inferno

Minstrel’s Fire

Lavender Kingdom

Book of Magic

Smuggler’s Song

Magic Lake

Dragon KingJ15

Raven’s Rage

Irish Issues

Piranha Smile

Hebrew Maiden

Little Damsel

When I Dream

Royal Braid

Demon Rum

Believe in Tomorrow

Gentle Shepherd

Web Spinner

Pale Moon WindmillJ26

Beautiful Jealous Eyes

Cinderella’s Dark Side

Mask of Eternity

Cinderella’s Blush

Starman’s Quest

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Dragon Prince


Enchanter’s Spell

Walking Into the Sun

White Wizard

Laughing GiraffeJ41

Paper Butterfly

Pirate’s Patch

Moses’ Fire


Ruffled Pinafore


Primal Scream

Moonlit Masquerade

Stardust Dragon

Dark Design

Peace Prayer

Follow the Fleet

Poet’s Rhyme

Park Avenue Princess

Uncharted Seas

Crimson King

Innocent Devil


4 thoughts on “Inspiration in the Garden

  1. Wow I never knew there were so many different flower names! Thanks for sharing them because I agree that some names are creative and inspiring! What’s your favorite? I like Park Avenue Princess because it’s so different! 🙂 However I LOVE Laughing Giraffe because giraffes are my favorite animal! I’m going to look that one up!

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  2. I loved the Laughing Giraffe one, too! So original. Also Smuggler’s Song and Stardust Dragon were two of my favorites 🙂 There were just too many to list … they went on and on!!


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