Character Traits of a Fairy

Fairies have been around in our stories and legends for many years. Their lore exists in every country of the world in some form or fairies4another. Books have been written on them, places have been said to be inhabited by them, people even claim to have seen them.

Fairies, just like any fantastical creature born in the imaginations of men and women, can be whatever we wish them to be, take on whatever form we fancy, speak and do the things the writers of their stories make them speak and do. It’s hard to pin down characteristics of a group of creatures who have been seen in so many different lights.

But then again, that’s the beauty of them, too.

Here are some fun things rumored of fairies.

  1. Freckles are really just the kisses of fairies.fairies3
  2. Fairies live where there is the least chance of human contact – in forests, up trees, in hollow places, on mountainsides, and even – in some stories – in invisible realms right among humankind.
  3. Fairies love honey cake, milk, nectar, and sweet butter.
  4. Fairies watch over and protect the natural world – woodlands, trees, rivers and growing things.
  5. Many fairies like to play practical (and sometimes not-so-practical) jokes on humans and even each other.
  6. Iron negates a fairies’ magical powers and causes them pain.
  7. A sudden chill breeze, or ripples across the surface of water, are often indications that a fairy is nearby.
  8. Fairies can live to be hundreds of years old.
  9. Rheumatism in a human is sometimes said to be the result of pinches from angry fairies.
  10. Fairies are magical by nature.
  11. Fairies love to dance.
  12. Many legends claim fairies are prone to kidnapping human babies, leaving a changeling in its place.
  13. The oldest and strongest fairies are fallen angels.
  14. Some fairies were once humans who simply got lost in fairyland.
  15. Fairies are quick to do you a favor … and even quicker to demand payment for it.
  16. Other terms for fairy:  fae, wee folk, fair folk, elf, pixie, nymph, sprite, gnome, imp, leprechaun, brownie, hob, sylph, enchanter.

As a reader, I never tire of discovering the different versions of fairies that storytellers come up with. As a writer, I look forward to perhaps trying my own hand at writing something new about fairies someday. If you could create a new characteristic, attitude, role or practice for the fair folk, what would it be?


9 thoughts on “Character Traits of a Fairy

  1. Cool post! I love fairies… And I just realized I only have one fairy in any of my stories at the moment. This needs to change. 😀

    Also thanks for following me, I found your blog because of it and it just seems (and looks) AWESOME! Christian fantasy… posts about forests and fairies… True fairy tale… I’M DYING IT’S TOO WONDERFUL! (Also your little owl avatar. I love owls. <3)

    Ahem. Sorry for randomness; just had to say something about how your blog excited me. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, randomness is quite fine with me! In fact, I’m fairly good at spouting random things myself 😉 I am just thrilled (and blushing a bit) with all your lovely compliments about my blog! So excited you found your way here, Deborah!! I look forward to getting to know you better.


  2. I love this post! I had never heard the myth that the oldest and most powerful of fairies were fallen angels. That must have taken a great deal of researching for you to come up with all those points!

    Hm…in the story I’m working on, powerful fairies with different, unique abilities advise four kings ruling four separate kingdoms. Naturally, each fairy wants their king to be the most prosperous….I know, that’s not a terribly original idea! 😀


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