First Fan Art

I just had to write a special post about this! It was too exciting … at least for me 🙂  As a writer who loves to draw pictures with words, yet someone who has never had an overwhelming amount of talent with a pencil or paintbrush, I always admire someone who can bring to life an image in a drawing.

That made it even more thrilling when I opened up my inbox a few days ago and found that a reviewer had sent me a picture she had sketched, inspired by a character in The Word Changers.

Here it is!




The artist is the lovely Hannah Williams, and she is not only an artist, but a writer as well! Be sure to check out her blog, The Writer’s Window. Recently she has posted a couple of installments of her newest short story, The Crybaby and the Elf … a charmingly silly fairy tale that you simply must read!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering who Faxon is … and what his role is in The Word Changers … I suppose you’ll just have to read the book 🙂  But Hannah has drawn him quite faithful to my description, from the blonde braids to the fierce yet noble expression on his face.

I’m utterly impressed, and completely flattered.

What do you think of Hannah’s work?


8 thoughts on “First Fan Art

  1. Aaahh what a beautiful drawing! Fan art has to be one of the coolest things ever. 😀 And that’s somewhat how I pictured Faxon… a little different but close. It’s awesome! ^_^ What a talented artist!


  2. Thank you, Ashlee! Faxon is an awesome character, and I credit your noble centaurs for inspiring a story of my own about such interesting creatures. 🙂


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