The Moon Master’s Ball: A Charming Cinderella Retelling

The Moon Master’s Ball, by Clara Diane Thompson, is one of five short stories in the awesome new fairy tale collection, Five Glass Slippers. Each story is a unique retelling of the classic Cinderella tale … here’s what I thought of Miss Thompson’s story!

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Oh, my … what can I say about this story? It was full of whimsy, mystery, adventure, danger, fantasy, and just a touch of romance. The Moon Master's BallIs there anything more you could possibly want in a fairy tale or a fairy tale retelling?

The author has a lovely, sweetly simple voice and style, and a perfect sense of timing. There were enough things going on in the beginning half of the story that it kept me just confused enough to wonder … how could these things possibly fit together? I don’t know about you, but I love stories like that! Seeing how each piece eventually falls into place (and they do!) is such a satisfying feeling!

The main character, Tilly, was well-drawn and believable, with human-type fears and heroine-type bravery which made her an utterly charming “Cinderella” replacement. The setting was completely fresh and original, while at the same time keeping some of the essential elements of the classic story we all know so well. Just wait until you see how the glass slipper is used … quite unlikely and just a tad big shocking! And the Moon Master himself … how could I not love him?! Mysterious, tall, dark, and not-exactly-handsome-but-oh-so-charming …? Yes, please 😉

The Moon Master’s Ball is absolutely delightful  in every way, and there’s no chance you’ll keep me away from the next work published by this talented young authoress!


And this is just one of the five stories in this collection! I have every intention of reading the other four, but I think I may wait until my physical copy arrives in the mail soon after the book’s release on June 14.

Don’t wait until then, though … Five Glass Slippers is available for pre-order right now! I’m foreseeing it becoming a classic that I’ll want to pass around to all my fairy-tale-loving friends.


*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

7 thoughts on “The Moon Master’s Ball: A Charming Cinderella Retelling

    1. I just couldn’t resist when Clara asked me to do a review of her story – I just had to have a peek at one of them, at least … but I am holding off to read the others in paper. Not long to wait … hang in there, Jenelle!! 😀


    1. That’s all right, Clara! I should have emailed you the link! And it was absolutely no problem … my pleasure! Your story was wonderful, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the collection soon 😀


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