The Journey Begins


Well, dear readers, the day has finally come! A lifelong dream of mine has been realized, and my book has been released into the world today!



In the coming week, I will be posting once a day with some insight into how The Word Changers began, introductions to some of the characters in the book, and other exciting things! Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about magical portals in fantasy and the reason I chose the one I did in my own story.

Enter your name below to win both of these!



It will all end with a giveaway for a signed paperback of my book and a crocheted owl, handcrafted by my own two little hands 🙂 The giveaway begins today (as in right now!!), so don’t forget to scroll down and follow the link to enter your name! It will end on Friday, when my release week ends, after which I will email the winner for details.


PLACES TO FIND The Word Changers

The Word Changers is available now in eBook, and releases today in paperback (although on some sites there may be a bit of a delay until it shows up). I myself am a “real” book girl. Nothing beats the smell of those pages, or the feel of a solid book in my hands. Ok, I’ll admit, part of it is just because I’m old-fashioned at heart and I’m like a cantankerous old lady when it comes to change!

But I digress …

Here are the places you can purchase The Word Changers!

Amazon          Barnes and Noble          Conquest          Smashwords



I will be at the charming Tales of Goldstone Wood blog today, where fantasy author Anne Elisabeth Stengl is interviewing me.

The lovely Amber Stokes is hosting me in a book spotlight and fun character interview (meet King Melanthius!) over at The Borrowed Book.

Also the talented author Jenelle Schmidt is featuring The Word Changers today on her blog.



I’ve set up three new pages if you’d like to check them out. All of them will be updated regularly.

The first one is under the “ABOUT ASHLEE” tab, and it’s got links to all my interviews and guest posts.

The second one is under the “BOOKS” tab, and it’s got quotes of what reviewers have to say about The Word Changers.

The third one is extra fun, and it’s under the “BOOKS” tab as well. It’s got fan art from The Word Changers … although right now the one picture I’ve got there is a bit lonely, so if you have read my book and feel inspired to draw, paint, or artistically express one of the ideas or characters within it, please feel free to send your illustration my way! I’d love to feature it!

Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy week around here! Hope you’re ready for some fun!


5 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. That is so awesome! I just published my fantasy novel “The Dragon Within” today as well! 🙂 Isn’t such an amazing feeling?
    And your book sounds very intriguing; I’m definitely going to buy it!
    If you’d like to see mine, it’s here:
    My Amazon link hasn’t gone live yet, and Smashwords is giving me some trouble, but at least I have it up somewhere. 🙂 My physical copies just shipped and will be here in about two weeks, which I’m really excited about!
    Anyway, congratulations and I’m really excited about your book! 🙂


  2. Congratulations on being in print!!! That must be so exciting!! 😀

    Hey, Ashlee… I just wanted to say also that I’m having trouble getting the rafflecopter to accept my entries. Not sure if it’s just me or what…. is anyone else having difficulty with it?


    1. Hrmm… well, I haven’t heard if anyone else is having trouble as of yet. This is my first time using Rafflecopter on my blog (and as you can see, my page won’t embed it, so I had to just put in a link to the site). The exact same giveaway was also posted on Anne Elisabeth’s blog (June 23 post). Maybe try there? And then let me know if you’re still having difficulties. Sorry about that, Kiri!


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