I Am Barrel Rider

Barrel-Rider quote

I’ve always loved Bilbo’s account of himself when being questioned by the dragon, Smaug. Even when his life is at stake, Bilbo manages to stay witty and even throws in a riddle or two.

So here’s the challenge: If you were to face a dragon with scales like tenfold shields, teeth like swords and wings like a hurricane, and this dragon demanded you to account for yourself … what would you say toΒ him?

I can’t see myself giving any account at all, truth be told, other than perhaps a whimper or two. But let’s pretend you’ve kept your wits about you, maybe even some humor, and definitely creativity.

Here’s my try:

I am enchanted with enchantment, lover of love and hater of hatred. I chase dreams and words and images – and lash them onto pages. I am forest-walker, story-weaver, follower of the Grower of all trees, worshiper of the Teller of all tales.

Your turn! Comment below and share your best description of yourself, Bilbo-style!

Bilbo and Smaug3

17 thoughts on “I Am Barrel Rider

  1. I ride with the wind and enjoy the tales others tell. I am the friend of fairies and breathe in the color of flowers. I am a woman of the forests and mountains. The One who created the trees and the mountains fashioned me, and I am His daughter.

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  2. Well, thanks, Michelle! I actually had a hard time getting around Bilbo’s description when creating my own – I wanted to keep the same “style” as his, but make it a true description of myself, too. Can’t wait to hear yours πŸ˜‰


  3. I am the cupcake bearer and a bringer of good news,
    For dragons are only grouchy for the heartburn they endure.
    Give them a simple cupcake:
    Pain will disappear.
    Instead of fire breathing,
    Bubbles will fill the air

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  4. I am climber of mountains and one who sits in the topmost branches of the tallest trees. I am a follower of the True King. I am a writer of ballads and weaver of stories. I am she who follows small adventurers and am the oft-receiver of much-beloved golden treasures called “dandelions.” I am a comforter when it gets too dark, and a healer of scraped knees. I fly on the wings of the imaginary, and I work hard to make sure my feet rarely ever touch the ground.

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  5. I am a pursuer of dreams and a discoverer of unending voices. I am weak on my own, but strong through the might of the Master of all voices. I am a lover of differences and I find joy in many creations others dislike. My paradise is found through the cool of raindrops, the scent of coffee, the happiness of sunflowers, and the company of written words.

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  6. This is a fun challenge… here’s my effort:

    My mind rests in the clouds, but my feet press to the ground,
    I am the chauffeur of dogs and the human too.
    I am Spaceship Driver and Gatherer of Friends.
    I am Master of Nerds, Leader of Adventure.
    I am Story Teller.

    (By the way, the dogs are my constant companion when venturing to the grocery store. I think it’s for the five-minutes they get to stick their head out the window.)

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