Promo Price for THE WORD CHANGERS Ends Tomorrow!

Hmm … “Is this a duplicate post to the one Ashlee published not even two weeks ago?” you may well be asking. “Will she ever stop promoting her darned book and get back to writing fun and meaningful posts for a change?”

Well, I’ll admit, this is more or less a duplicate of the first post in which I notified everyone that The Word Changers eBook was going on sale for 99 cents. And here I am, reminding you again. This time, though, there’s just one more day until the promo period ends (August 22)!

Get your own copy at one of these sites:


This also means, of course, that you are still eligible for entering your name in the GIVEAWAY.

Entered already? Well, first of all let me tell you how much I appreciate your help in sharing about my book!!  The Word Changers made it to #6 on the Amazon Christian Fantasy Bestsellers list last week – exciting, yeah?!!  I don’t really think it would have made it to the list at all if you hadn’t helped me spread the word, and that’s the truth!

There I am, right next to … Patrick Carr!! Eek!

Second of all …. don’t forget that you can always enter your name into the giveaway again! Once a day, in fact.

And in case you forgot (hey, it was two weeks ago …), here are the two items I’m giving away to one lucky winner:

Mermaid Bookmark2 (Giveaway)
Brass Mermaid Bookmark
Library Card Notepad (Giveaway)
Library Card Notepad

…. and here are the “share” pictures for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever else you feel like spreading the word:

99 cent promoA

99 cent promoB

Oh, and to answer the second question above …. yes, I most certainly DO plan on writing some more fun posts in the near future! Any inspired suggestions?!


Have a great weekend, friends!


5 thoughts on “Promo Price for THE WORD CHANGERS Ends Tomorrow!

  1. Aahhh that’s so awesome! Congratulations! ^_^

    And I’ll never blame you for promoting such an awesome book as Word Changers. 😉

    I don’t have any particular inspiring suggestions for posts… but I always like hearing about your writing projects and how things are going with them. And you often find brilliant things to say about fairy tales and truth and fantasy and such. I’m sure your fun posts will be fabulous. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, thanks, Deborah! Sweet as usual 😉 I am working away on my next project as we speak – that’s why my posts have been a bit sparse lately. So maybe I’ll post an update or something. And I’d definitely love to dive into a discussion about fairy tales sometime soon as well!!

      Liked by 1 person

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