Affection and Concern for a Marshwiggle

It’s always with a bit of trembling that I hear of another Narnia movie being produced. Part of my nervousness comes from excitement, part from fear.

The creatures and characters of Narnia mean a great deal to me, and I want to know they are in capable, loving hands … hands that appreciate them for what Lewis created them to be, not what the director feels will look best or be most impressive on the big screen.

Rumors of the movie, The Silver Chair, have been around the past few months, and I find myself fearing the outcome. Why? Well, mostly because it’s in The Silver Chair that my favorite Narnian character makes his first appearance …..


What will the writers and director do with my wonderfully quirky, endearingly cynical, terribly brave Marshwiggle??! Will they givePuddleglum2 him the respect and care he deserves? Will they see and portray him as the creature of depth and faith that he truly is? And – on a more superficial note – who will they cast to play him, and what will he look like?

Ah, the worries of a Narnian.

My sister and I grew up watching the original Narnia movies, although we didn’t see them until they had been out several years. They have more than a whiff of 90’s influence and corniness in them, not to mention they were probably quite low budget as well. But they are still beloved, all the same (though as an adult I have to giggle quite a bit at rather inappropriate places). The Puddleglum of my own imagination is a bit different than the one portrayed in the 1990 film, but I still think Tom Baker did a great job:

How do you picture Puddleglum, whether you’ve seen the old movies or only read the books? Any ideas on who would be a good actor to cast for him in the upcoming version of The Silver Chair?


7 thoughts on “Affection and Concern for a Marshwiggle

  1. My oldest boy, Dustin, has become cynical about the whole Narnian movie process after what happened with the production of Voyage of the Dawn Treader, his favorite Narnian book. I can live with the changes in the movie and still enjoy it, but he will hear none of it.

    All he will say is “Why couldn’t Andrew Adamson have made all of the Narnia movies?” I’m a bit saddened by his disappointment. He’s rather unconsolable.

    I will enjoy any interpretation on which Douglas Gresham puts his stamp of approval, but I’m holding my breath for Dustin.

    Bottom line: Focus on the Family and Doug Gresham knocked it out of the park with their Radio Theatre production of books. It will probably never be topped. Those belong to us and our children forever!

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    1. I’m not sure of many of the details on the movie production process and directors and things … but as with most books-turned-movies, I try to see the movies as separate from the books. Otherwise, there would just be way too much room for me to get upset at the necessary (and often quite unnecessary!) changes.


  2. I love Puddleglum!!!! I have no idea who would do a good job… I just hope they don’t try to cast Johnny Depp for his role. Yikes.

    I loved Tom Baker’s portrayal of him in the BBC versions, which I grew up with as well. Yes, they’re a bit corny and low-budget… but I love them anyway.

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  3. Narnia movies are a bit of a mixed bag for me.

    I completely enjoyed LWW. It was a great adaptation.

    I also enjoyed PC. But, Ben Barnes was the wrong actor to cast in the title role. He didn’t fit in w/ the Pevensies at all. Other than him, it was okay.

    VODT was the worst of the three. It seemed disjointed — like it was trying to do too much at once. (But, I think some of that is due to the book itself.)

    I was really hoping they would do the Magician’s Nephew next. That, to me, would have been like a reboot for the franchise. But, I’m also thrilled to see the Silver Chair. It’s a great straightforward quest with a clear villain and a clear objective. (I have no idea who would be good as Puddleglum, but I wouldn’t mind Johnny Depp in the role — if he doesn’t take things too far into the wacky zone. Or maybe Andy Serkis?)

    But my favorite of ALL the Narnia stories is The Horse and His Boy! I really, really, really want to see this one made. I think it’s the most expansive of the series and it really showcases the elaborate world of Narnia — complete with politics, romance, adventure, intrigue, and war. It will be awesome on the big screen! Just imagine: hilarious Corin, silly Lasaraleen, noble Edmund, courageous Lucy, jolly King Lune, cruel Calormene lords, possibly lovesick Susan, definitely lovesick (and ridiculous) Rabadash, haughty Bree, clever Aravis, beloved Tumnus, and of course the mighty Aslan himself (“I AM MYSELF!”) all together in one movie.

    Now, I’m breathless.

    That, I think, will be the best movie of all time.

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    1. Hmm … yeah, you’re right, Johnny Depp is always in danger of taking things a bit far, so you never know what you’re gonna get with him. But Andy Serkis is definitely a unique thought! That could be interesting 🙂 I do love The Horse and His Boy as well, although The Magician’s Nephew has always been my favorite (with The Last Battle coming in at a close second). I hope they make movies of all the books!


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