Reminiscences …

I was looking through some old family photos today, and got the idea that it would be fun to share a few of them with you. When I first meet a friend, I like to get to know them by asking questions about how they grew up. A person’s past is like a treasure trove of clues for how they came to be who they are … Many times, great fuel for a writer’s imagination! So today I’ll show you a few of the pictures that characterize “how I came to be.” Just promise you won’t giggle too much 🙂

Reading, of course, was one of my biggest pastimes. I pretty much read everywhere …

ash reading
…out of dresser drawers…
ash, age 5
…buried in my parents’ closet…
…giggling between a sister and friend…

I’ve always had a bit of a flare for the dramatic …

That’s me on the left, dancing in The Nutcracker ballet.
Thinking deeply about … um … a change of fashion, perhaps?
Bounding into the water on our first visit to the ocean. My dad was quick with the camera on that one!

… and a little bit of quirkiness, too 🙂



My darling cats were a huge part of my growing up, of course. Well, they and my horse and goats and dogs and the neighbor’s llamas that shared our pasture …

My sister and I showcasing our brand new kittens!
Our sweet Penny. The house I grew up in is in the background.
My horse, Prince.

And just so we’re PERFECTLY clear … my sister and I were NEVER those girls who dressed up their animals …. ahem … never…….



Umm … yeah.

Pumpkin looks sooo happy!!

Right. Moving on …

My life wouldn’t have been the same – nor would I have been – without my little sister, who is still my best friend today.


Being home-schooled was also something that helped shape my personality … not to mention allowed me to continue to pursue my love for writing and reading.

ash grad
My tiny home-school graduate class … I’m the one hiding behind the hat on the far left.

And last, but not least, something many of you may well be unaware of … I am, in fact, an angel 😀


So many memories, and as I sift through them I see a glimmer here and there of some of the things that, though I didn’t recognize them at the time, led me down the path to becoming who and what I am today. Doesn’t it make you wonder you’re doing today that will affect who you grow into tomorrow …?


4 thoughts on “Reminiscences …

  1. OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH CUTE! ^_^ You were such an adorable little bookworm! ❤ And I love the animals (yay goats! And… horse. o.o I love that last cat picture. XD). And that you were homeschooled!! (I'm not sure I knew that before…) Having a younger sister is the best. ^_^ Thanks so much for sharing, Ashlee!

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