October Love, Wild Wanderings, and a New Book

Fall is here at last in my home of Missouri. Three days ago brisk winds blew in thunderstorms and chilly weather. Leaves are falling from the trees already. All the beaches we love to play and walk on have been temporarily drowned in the swell of the great Missouri River (but that didn’t keep us from building a fire this afternoon to warm ourselves as we watched the river flow by!). I’m looking forward to more craft shows, fall festivals, lots of hot chocolate and cozy reading, and our annual fall-is-in-the-air-now-it’s-time-for-a-Harry-Potter-movie-watching-binge which, coincidentally, will be starting TONIGHT! 😀

Between starting a new job, beginning a brand new novel (you heard me!), and moving to a new place, this year has brought many, many changes. Some good, some bad, but all of them opportunities to learn and grow. I’ve neglected my poor blog for a while now, and hope to post more regularly. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few pictures of what we have been up to this year. Don’t forget to follow me on my (relatively) new Instagram account if you want to keep up with our little family doings on a more regular basis!


We moved FOUR times within a 3-month period last spring. One of those moves was to a tiny house. We lived there about 6 weeks and we absolutely LOVED it!
My son saved up for a whole year to buy a kayak. Not sure I’ve ever seen him so content 🙂  Many, many hours on the water this summer!
We take walks. Lots and LOTS of walks. In the woods, by the river, from one side of town to the other. We don’t care, we just love to MOVE! They are some of the most special together-times we have!
I have crocheted since age 8, and have been involved in craft shows for the past 9 years. This picture is part of my display table from the show I did just a week ago. Can’t even tell you how much fun it is!
And here is Clover. She thinks she’s the queen of our house and I guess she’s probably right. I think she’s confident that she looks pretty no matter what pose she strikes 😀

What changes has this year brought to you? What are your fun fall plans?!

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