Meet the MOONSCRIPT Character!

As many of you may be aware, author HSJ Williams’ fantasy novel, Moonscript, will be releasing on May 7, 2020. Do you know how close that is?!!? I don’t know about you, but I want this book IN my hands when it is still hot from the printing press.

In anticipation of this book’s release, I’m privileged to introduce you to one of the characters (artwork by the lovely authoress herself).

Meet Casara . . .


That smile . . . it was a mother’s smile.

Wife of Leoren and lady of the royal house, Casara has always been a figure of grace and gentleness to the elves of Aselvia. She bears much grief and loss with poise, but deep inside she longs for new life and purpose.


Please remember to mark Moonscript on your TBR list on Goodreads, visit the author’s website to learn more about the novel, and even preorder it on Amazon!

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