About Ashlee

Once there was a little small-town girl. She grew up two blocks away from the old, creaky public library. She spent much of Ashlee reading 3 yrs oldher time in that library, either squirreled away in a dusky corner with a book, or loading chin-high stacks of books home to read. Usually barefoot and disheveled. Always brim-full of curiosity and awe at the secret worlds she knew she’d find between those pages.

She read and re-read and acted out the stories she read and forced her little sister to act them out, too, and . . . before long . . . she decided that simply wasn’t enough. Creating her own stories was something that, unquestionably, had to be done.

And so she did. And so she still does.

Here at Finding the True Fairy Tale you’ll find posts and discussions about fairy tales, fantasy, bookishness, nature, and God’s boundless love.

I welcome you warmly and invite you to stroll through my little world for a while.

Ashlee Willis

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