What people are saying about The Word Changers

“The Word Changers felt very Narnia-esque to me. The allegorical spiritual message came softly and the characters asked real questions about the Author. Everything about it had a natural, believable, and refreshing feel to it. I liked that the characters didn’t get all the answers yet they still sought truth. Nothing was preachy.

“Overall, this book was spectacular. I recommend it without a single reservation to anyone who likes fantasy. Sometimes it’s an unkindness to compare an author to an author, but I pay it as the highest complement to Ashlee Willis when I say I place this book on the same shelf with the Chronicles of Narnia.”

Nadine Brandes, author of A Time to Die


“With strong metaphors, Ashlee Willis takes us into such an adventure. I fell into her story and found within its magic a land like mine, where joy, sadness, and sacrifice shape its pages. Truthfully, there were times when I forgot that I wasn’t actually there with Posy, experiencing the Mist, the myths, and Melanthius.

The Word Changers reminds me of the second book in the Chronicles of Narnia. Prince Caspian deals with themes of faith, obedience, the cost of discipleship, and God’s silence. The Word Changers speaks to these themes and more in a tale that is fresh and unique.

“Where better to learn the great themes of life and soul than in a story? And I think Ashlee’s story is a great place to begin.”

Brent King, author of The Grip of Grace


“The symbolism within the plot was delightful; the undertones of the conversations are riddled with double-meanings that speak to both the believing Christian and the eager young writer. Overall, I was impressed with the easy way Ashlee conveyed her faith in a unique setting.”

Mackenzie Lockhart, Hidden Doorways


“I love allegorical stories when they’re done right, and The Word Changers definitely was. … The whole idea and how it was done I found thought-provoking and beautiful.

“The story itself was gripping and very hard to put down. It twisted and turned and kept me guessing. The writing was a perfect fit for the story, with a lovely sort of lilt. It immersed me deeply in the world.

“If it did tear out a little part of me . . . well, such is the peril of loving a book and its world and characters so much. As Posy herself learns. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Bottom line: I haven’t read a book this good in a long time and highly recommend it to everyone! I just enjoyed this story way too much! I’m eagerly looking forward to more books by Ashlee Willis!”

Deborah O’Carroll, The Road of a Writer


“I loved this story from cover to cover.  I cannot even begin to tell you how original, fresh, unique, and intriguing it is!  So many of the concepts and plot twists in this book blew me away and enchanted me in the same breath.  I loved the premise, pacing, characters, dialogue, plot – everything.”

Tialla Rising, author of Holding the Future Hostage


The Word Changers was totally unusual … Ashlee Willis’ ideas are superb! From the very first page I was hooked! This book was humorous and sweet, and pretty action-packed, with some poignant themes. It kept me guessing … who was on the right side and who on the wrong? It was magical … surprising … you just don’t know what’s going to happen. The Word Changers was a really creative, fun, scary, thought-provoking and tender story. I don’t think it will be soon forgotten!”

Shantelle H., A Writer’s Heart


“The Word Changers is definitely going to be a must read every year for me! I was blown away by the message and the overall adventure this story held!”

Laura Pol, Crafty Booksheeps


“This is a romance novel blended with fantasy elements, perfect for girls raised on Lewis and Tolkien but wanting something a touch more feminine.”

Sarah Scheele, author of Alyce


“While this world and idea may be akin to the Chronicles of Narnia (and that is a beautiful thing), it takes on an entire path of its own as it cleverly builds a world in which characters do not truly die, but are bound to the Plot, sworn to relive the same story over and over whenever a reader picks up the book in which they dwell. But what happens when characters rebel? When they go outside the Plot? What happens when it is discovered that characters might have changed the Plot long ago? That the story is no longer how the Author meant it to be? The cleverness of this book and the profound allegory simply delighted me.”

Hannah Williams, The Writer’s Window


“As I read this book, I discovered the story was so rich I wanted to remember every word, absorb every detail. I was so drawn into this book, I was almost a character myself. As I was drawn into this thought provoking allegory, I was excited to discover I could get tangled up in the plot…within the plot? Oh the possibilities!”

Katherine Garza, Katie’s Cottage Books


“I really don’t know what to say about this book. You know how you read a book so good and unexpected, and you love it more than you thought you would, and you have trouble putting it into words? Well, that is what happened with this book.”

Jack Baillot, author of The Loyalty Trilogy


“I tend to be a bit wary of Christian fiction as it is often very preachy about what the author believes which makes me feel uncomfortable. The Word Changers is a nice exception. Ashlee Willis never mentions religion in her book. There are recognizable Christian themes and parallels. Ashlee Willis does a wonderful job of melding them into the plot in a way that feels natural without any tacky feeling or awkwardness. It made reading the book much more enjoyable.”

Elizabeth Grace, The Endless Road


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