Fairy Tale Giveaway


For those of you who haven’t heard, author Shonna Slayton and I have started a shiny new group on Facebook called Fairy-Tale Forum. If you’re not part of it yet, please come on over and join! We have lots of fun stuff planned, and hope to see some fun fairy-tale-ish things from the rest of you as well!Beauty-and-the-Beast-fairy-tale

This week we have been having an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with editor and fairy-tale blogger Tahlia Kirk (Timeless Tales Magazine, anyone?!). She is so talented, I can’t even tell you. Please head over to our group and ask her whatever you’d like . . . she’s very responsive and so very fun to chat with!


Also, beginning today, we have an awesome giveaway in honor of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie. Here’s what we’re giving away! I’m so thrilled!

Beauty and the Beast pinterest

Any thoughts on Beauty and the Beast in general? Where does it fall in your lineup of favorite fairy tales? Who are your favorite characters? What do you love (or not love!) about it? Will you be going to see the new movie?


Affection and Concern for a Marshwiggle

It’s always with a bit of trembling that I hear of another Narnia movie being produced. Part of my nervousness comes from excitement, part from fear.

The creatures and characters of Narnia mean a great deal to me, and I want to know they are in capable, loving hands … hands that appreciate them for what Lewis created them to be, not what the director feels will look best or be most impressive on the big screen.

Rumors of the movie, The Silver Chair, have been around the past few months, and I find myself fearing the outcome. Why? Well, mostly because it’s in The Silver Chair that my favorite Narnian character makes his first appearance …..


What will the writers and director do with my wonderfully quirky, endearingly cynical, terribly brave Marshwiggle??! Will they givePuddleglum2 him the respect and care he deserves? Will they see and portray him as the creature of depth and faith that he truly is? And – on a more superficial note – who will they cast to play him, and what will he look like?

Ah, the worries of a Narnian.

My sister and I grew up watching the original Narnia movies, although we didn’t see them until they had been out several years. They have more than a whiff of 90’s influence and corniness in them, not to mention they were probably quite low budget as well. But they are still beloved, all the same (though as an adult I have to giggle quite a bit at rather inappropriate places). The Puddleglum of my own imagination is a bit different than the one portrayed in the 1990 film, but I still think Tom Baker did a great job:

How do you picture Puddleglum, whether you’ve seen the old movies or only read the books? Any ideas on who would be a good actor to cast for him in the upcoming version of The Silver Chair?


The Fairy Tales of Robin Williams

Though Robin Williams was never a favorite actor or comedian of mine, there are certain roles I will always remember him for, a handful of which are set in worlds of fantasy or fairy tale.

I grew up watching the movie Hook, based around the story of Peter Pan.

Peter Pan (Robin Williams)

Another favorite of mine growing up was Aladdin – and much of the reason it was a favorite was because of Genie, I must say.

Genie (Robin Williams)

Only a year or two ago did my husband and I discover Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre at our local library, and I was stunned at all the appearances of famous actors and actresses before their prime. Robin Williams was one of them in his role as the Frog Prince. Corny those shows may have been … but no less endearing for that! If you haven’t watched them, you definitely should!

Frog Prince (Robin Williams)2 Frog Prince (Robin Williams)

Were you a Robin Williams fan? In what movie or role did you like him best?


Noah: A Deluge of Nonsense, or Not?

I’ll admit, I have yet to see this new, highly debated movie. I’ve read review after review of it, though. All of them seem to be in one extreme or the other: love or hate.noah

The two following reviews are by Christians who express these opposing extremes of opinion. Click on the links if you’d like to read the entire review(s).

Austin Gunderson wrote a review of Noah for the Speculative Faith website (one of my favorite websites ever, by the way), in which he claims the movie is “the greatest work of Christian speculative cinema” he’s ever seen. Strong words! He nearly had me convinced to jump up and head to the theater … until I read another review….

This one is by Matt Walsh, radically outspoken conservative/Christian blogger, and he calls Noah a “ridiculous train wreck,” which is amongst the least of his strongly-opinionated views of the movie.

So what’s a Christian to do?

Have you seen the Noah movie? What’s your opinion?