AMA’s and Other News

AMA POSTS Some of you may already be members of the Fairy-Tale Forum, a Facebook page that fellow author Shonna Slayton and I started a few months ago. If you are, you will know that we have frequent AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts from invited guests. We have had talented artists, authors, crafters, bloggers, podcasters, [...]


Promo Price for THE WORD CHANGERS Ends Tomorrow!

Hmm ... "Is this a duplicate post to the one Ashlee published not even two weeks ago?" you may well be asking. "Will she ever stop promoting her darned book and get back to writing fun and meaningful posts for a change?" Well, I'll admit, this is more or less a duplicate of the first post [...]

Interview with Author Heather Day Gilbert

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Heather Day Gilbert, author of God's Daughter and Miranda Warning (releasing June 20, 2014). She's got some interesting things to say about genre-switching, balancing writing with homeschooling, and even a bit about which one of her characters she'd choose as a friend in real-life 🙂 Be sure to [...]