Lovely Recommendations from a Pinterest Addict

Well, the title of this post about says it all, really 🙂  I just wanted to share some of the great boards I’ve found and followed over the past months, of various themes and interests.  Anyone else a Pinterest fanatic?!  Raise your hand!!

Recommendations from a Pinterest Addict


In the Fairy Wood (by Kelsey Hamersley)Recommendations from a Pinterest Addict

Classic Fairy Tale Illustrations (by Katharine Wolford)

Weapons & Armor (by Rachel V)

She Lives in a Fairy Tale (by Rachel Flores)

Fairy Tale Garden (by Erica Arrietty de Sisgoreo)

Fairy Tale Home (by Katharine Wolford)

Dragons (by Curiosities & Sundries)



Libraries and Reading Nooks (by Lisa Farmer Designs)

Recommendations from a Pinterest AddictIn the Library (by Silvia Bookworm)

A Little Book Shoppe (by Bookish Ashlee – that’s me!)

Pillow Pages (by Three Bookends)

Book Art (by Clearwater Public Library)

Book Quirkiness (by Bookish Ashlee)



Writing Resources (by K.M. Weiland)

The Craft of Writing (by Rattlebag)

Social Media Marketing (by Social Media Today)

Writer’s Block (by Dandie MacG)



Bible Verses (by Eight Girls of Faith)

Christian Teens (by Angie Lovelace)

Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (Rachel Flores)

Christian Encouragement & Inspiration (by Little Birdie Blessings)


IF YOU’RE A GEEKRecommendations from a Pinterest Addict

Geeky DIY (by Geek on Wheels)

Quirky (by AshTree Crochet … um, yep, that’s me too 🙂 )

GadgetsIn (by

Geeky Gadgets (by Carie Albers)


Share some of your favorite boards with me!!  



About bookishashlee

I am a mother, author, daughter of God, imagination adventurer.

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  1. Some gorgeous photos there Ashlee. I’m not on Pinterest myself – think it might be yet another thing to distract me from my writing, which is what most of my internet activity is about anyway lol! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Elaine, it can be quite a distraction from a lot of things, in fact! But it can also be a wonderful source of inspiration, too. Just depends on the way its used, the amount of self-control, and a good deal of moderation!! 😉


  2. I’m new on Pinterest. (Held out for a loooong time.) But I think I’m going to follow ALL of these.

    Liked by 1 person

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